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Let me first provide you a brief introduction and then tell you why we setup this website. My first ever experience in the share market started in the month of March 2004. I have had quite a few good days and several bad days in the Trading. I have lost so much money in share market, since I started trading in the share market. The main reason for this is due to blindly investing in stock without any analysis. You can call it in-experience or lack of proper guidance, you can say. After a year, I gambled into future market. My experience there was also really very disastrous. I lost a lot of money even there. I also sought the help of so called paid financial consultants / brokers to provide me with good recommendations. But, most of them were not genuine and only cheated me. By doing this, I had to spend out so much money, eventually losing more money for literally no benefit. These were nice lessons learnt. These bad experiences helped me build my confidence and gave me the urge to achieve great things in share market. Since then, I used my experience very wisely. I started investing money, gradually and cautiously without any real panic. I also decided that I should not concentrate in both the Stock future and Nifty future at the same time. So, I concentrated only on Nifty option. Since I took this decision, I only can tell you that, life has been really smooth and I started recovering the money that I lost and my financial position also improved. I could now read many charts very precisely and have learnt several things. Now I can confidently tell you that out of the 10 calls I make, I am successful in 9 calls. There are many people in the share market like me. My idea is to help everyone who really are on the lookout for assistance with such nominal charges. I can tell you surely that no one will give you the call in such a cheaper price.

"First month earn the money from our call then give the Commission".

Few quick tips from me.

  • Don't invest the entire money you planned to use in your first call (Invest 50 %).
  • The remaining 50% should be utilized in the next call.
  • Don’t panic if market going opposite side.
  • You need absolute self control and patience while in the share market..
  • Immediately book the profit, when you get the call.

Here is what I can do for you. You can test utilize my services for a period of one month, during which I would give you the recommendations. I am sure it would be useful to you and after a month, you can subscribe for my services. You cannot reach me now in my India mobile, because, I am currently in UAE. So, all the communication should have to be through Email only. If needed, I shall call you on your India mobile, from UAE.

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